Pomeranian Puppies for Sale in Seattle WA Washington

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Looking for a Pomeranian puppy for Sale in Seattle, Washington?
Well you've found the right place! We have regular Pomeranian puppies, Teacup Pomeranian puppies, Mini Pomeranian puppies, and Micro Pomeranian Puppies. We have Pomeranian puppies in white, black, tan, orange, brown, and grey. Talk to a Pomeranian specialist if you have specific requirements and we'll be glad to help.

Why Pomeranian puppies make great pets
  • Size - Pomeranian dogs are small and can comfortably fit on your lap and be taken anywhere. Teacups Pomeranians are even smaller and will grab attention wherever they go!
  • Food - Pomeranian dogs don't eat a lot, which helps you save some money and space in your home.
  • Friendly - Pomeranians are super friendly and sociable around others. They are extroverted and will be the center of attention wherever they go!
  • Loyal companionship - Pomeranians are very loyal and will provide many years of companionship that will last a lifetime.
  • Watchful - Pomeranians, whether they're puppies or adults, will help watch your home and protect you. They may be small, but they will scare away intruders with their barks and alert you to danger.
  • Athletic - Pomeranian dogs love to run around and play. They're always up for going outside or staying indoors and playing with you.
Reasons to buy a Pomeranian puppy from us in Seattle, Washington
  • We only sell high-quality purebred Pomeranians, and have won many competitions to prove it. There are many backyard breeders and puppymills that sell low-quality puppies. It's easy to tell because they won't provide high quality photos and videos of their Pomeranian puppies. Often times they'll use stock photo and when asked for updated videos, they won't have them.
  • We have all variations of Pomeranians, including Teacup Pomeranians and regulard Pomeranians in all colors. Bookmark this page or talk to a Pomeranian specialist if you don't find what you want on this site.
  • Before delivery, our puppies are checked by a certified vet and given a health certificate and X-ray report showing clean bill of health. Both of these certificates are sent to you also.
  • We never use stock photos or re-use photos of puppies. Each and every photo and video of our Pomeranian puppies are of that puppy.