Pomeranian Puppy Ugly Stage

What is the Pomeranian Ugly Stage?

It is something that most pom puppies go through. It is a period where they begin transitioning away their baby fur and into adult fur. This phenomenon is also known by other names such as the pom uglies, pomeranian monkey stage, ugly stage of pomeranian, and pop puppy uglies.

How do I know when my puppy is going through the Pomeranian Ugly Stage?

You’ll know your pomeranian puppy is going through the Pomeranian Ugly Stage when they start growing up in the first year of life and begin looking a bit thin on their fur coat. Pomeranians have two coats of fur, and as they transition from baby puppies into adults, they will shed their baby fur and eventually replaced by adult fluffy fur. Some pom puppies go through the ugly phase more aggressively, while others more slowly. It’s nothing to worry about.

Should I be worried?

No. This is a completely normal phase for pomeranian puppies. It can sometimes feel bad because the fluffy cotton ball you got is now looking kind of scruffy. Give it time and patience. Your adorable will grow out of it looking even more beautiful.

When does the Pomeranian Puppy Ugly Stage start?

This stage usually lasts between 3 to 10 months of age. After that, your pomeranian puppy will start to grow more beautiful again as their adult fur begins to fill in.

How long does Pomeranian Uglies Stage last?

It typically lasts between 3-7 months.

When will my Pomeranian puppy get fluffy?

Pomeranian puppies are b

orn with short fluffy fur. As they transition out of the baby phase, their baby fur will thin as the Pomeranian Ugly Stage begins. Typically when pomeranians grow to be about 1 year old, their fluffiness begins to return and their cotton ball appearance makes a strong comeback!

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Pomeranian Uglies

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