Step by Step Guide to Buying a Puppy From Us

We have been raising and breeding healthy show and champion quality puppies for over 10 years, and have sold puppies to customers in the US, Canada, and Asia. You can learn more about us, and check out our Facebook Page and Instagram Account.

Step 1

Look at our puppy listings and find the puppy you’re interested in. Check out their photos, videos (click on the play icon at the bottom left of the puppy’s photos), and profile info. For each puppy, we provide the following info:

  • Birth Date – When the puppy was born.
  • Sex – Male or female.
  • Included: Everything that comes with the puppy when you take the puppy home. This typically includes:
    1. Vaccination certificate, which includes proof of DHLPP shots (protects against Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza), de-worming, and flea and tick removal.
    2. Health Certificate from a certified vet.
    3. Microchip ID, which is permanently implanted under the puppy’s skin. The Microchip ID will be included in both the vaccination and health certificates. You can register the Microchip ID once you have him/her.
  • Microchip ID: The unique microchip ID number of the puppy. The presence of this number ensures the puppy you see will be the same puppy you receive, as the microchip ID is permanently implanted into the back of the puppy’s neck and can be scanned and verified by a vet. Usually in the photos/videos you’ll also see a scan of the puppy’s microchip ID.

Step 2

Once you’ve found the puppy you’d like, click the ‘Reserve Me’ button their profile page to place a $300 deposit. We accept credit cards and PayPal, which offers full buyer protection. The deposit goes towards the purchase price. Note that we are first come first served, so do not delay if you’ve found a puppy you like as someone else may reserve the puppy before you do.

Step 3

We will send out an email to coordinate with you on a shipping date. We provide free delivery to the following airports:

Los Angeles (LAX)

San Francisco (SFO)

Seattle (SEA)

Chicago (ORD)

New York (JFK)

Dallas (DFW)

Houston (IAH)

Toronto (YYZ)

Vancouver (YVR)

Step 4

About 1-2 weeks before the arrival of your puppy, after we’ve booked the puppy’s flight and provided the airway tracking number to you, we will ask you to pay the remaining balance (add 4.6% processing fee if paying via credit card or Paypal). If shipping by EVA Airlines, skip to step 5.

If shipping by China Airlines, they will call you to confirm that you will accept the puppy. It is important that you confirm or the puppy won’t be shipped. If you haven’t received this call 2 days prior to the puppy’s arrival, please contact us.

Step 5

On the date and time your puppy lands, bring the following to the airport to pick up your puppy.

  1. The airway bill number.
  2. Airport administrative fee in cash. The fee is around $100. Please check with the airline on the exact amount.
  3. The receiver’s ID.

Step 6

Take your puppy home! He/she will be hungry and nervous in the new environment. As a result, he/she may be more susceptible to getting sick. To ensure this doesn’t happen, please do the following:

  • Don’t give your puppy a bath right away. Wait about a week when she is more comfortable.
  • Don’t take him/her outside right away, especially near other dogs. She might catch something from other sick dogs.
  • Do take him/her to a vet within 2 days for a health checkup. Bring the vaccination and health certificates she came with so the vet knows what your puppy has already been vaccinated against.
  • Schedule the puppy’s next vaccination shot at least 2 weeks after their arrival date. This gives them time to acclimate, and minimizes the risk of any adverse reactions.
  • Buy puppy supplies such as food (we feed our puppies Royal Canine Dry Puppy Food), crate, playpen, etc.