Buying a puppy: Step by Step Guide

PuppyFor.Me has two offices, one in San Jose and one in Taiwan. We breed our puppies mainly out of Taiwan, and sell to customers in Asia and North America. If you are located in the U.S. or Canada, then please read on.

Step 1
Browse our site and select the puppy you’d like to buy. Once you’ve done so, you can either click the ‘Reserve Me Today’ button to pay in full, or send a $300 deposit via Paypal to The ‘Available’ date is when the puppy will be available for you to pick up.

For shipping, if you are able to pick up the puppy in any of the following airports, then we will waive the shipping fees:

  • Los Angeles (LAX)
  • San Francisco (SFO)
  • Seattle (SEA)
  • New York (JFK)

If you need to have the puppy shipped to another airport, a $300 shipping fee will be required.

Step 2
About 1-2 weeks before the arrival of your puppy, we will contact you to pay the remaining balance (including shipping fees, if any). We’ll also confirm your receiver information including name, phone number, email, and mailing address. This info will be needed when you pick up your puppy from the airport.

Step 3
Once the flight info is confirmed, we will send you detailed instructions on where to pick up your puppy at your designated airport. We will also provide the airway bill, which is required when you pick up your puppy.

At this point, you should start preparing for your puppy’s arrival by doing the following:

  • Buy puppy supplies such as food (we prefer Wellness Core Puppy Food), crate, playpen, etc.
  • Schedule a vet health checkup for your new puppy within 2 days of her arrival.

Step 4
On the date and time your puppy lands, bring the airway bill and arrive at the airport promptly to pick up your puppy. Depending on the airport, there may be an administrative fee between $50-$75.

Step 5
Meet your puppy and take her home!

Step 6
Your puppy will be hungry and nervous in the new environment. As a result, she may be more susceptible to getting sick. To ensure this doesn’t happen, please do the following:

  • Don’t give your puppy a bath right away. Wait about a week when she is more comfortable.
  • Don’t take her outside right away, especially near other dogs. She might catch something from other sick dogs.
  • Do take her to a vet within 2 days for a health checkup. Bring the vaccination and health certificates she came with so the vet knows what your puppy has already been vaccinated against.